BLKC meets monthly to address the issues affecting the African American community of Santa Clara County. During these meetings, key leaders from public and private organizations are invited with specific issues and questions to answer. Such critical topics as program funding, over-representation in the justice system, closing the education achievement gap, promotion and advancement, cultural sensitivity and access to contracts are reviewed. Once issues are identified, they are tracked to satisfactory closure.


Major community concerns are assigned to standing and ad hoc committees for resolution. Status is reported monthly. Each meeting is hosted by a community based organization allowing them time to showcase their mission and operation highlighting the services they provide for the African American community. At the end of each meeting all members provide information on programs and upcoming events benefiting the community.

Overall, the monthly meetings provide a very concise opportunity to identify, act upon and close critical issues affecting the well-being of the community. Every member of the BLKC has equal opportunity to volunteer their experience and expertise to achieve these outcomes.

PAst Guest Speakers


February 3, 2022

BLKC Monthly Meeting


January 6, 2021

BLKC Monthly Meeting