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Black Leadership
Kitchen Cabinet


“I am because you are and since you are, therefore, I am.”
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The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet of Silicon Valley is comprised of community based organizations, agencies, businesses, sororities, fraternities, social groups, and individual community members who all work collaboratively to support, sustain, improve, the lives of the African/African Ancestry population within Santa Clara County.

The rich history has consistently affected significant changes to enhance the African American community’s health, education, business opportunities, promotional advancement and cultural diversity.


African African American
Health & Heritage
Ancestry Month

February 2024

The inception of the African/African Ancestry Health and Heritage Month (AAAHHM) in 2016 was a response to the Call to Action initiated by the African/African Ancestry Community, the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet and various stakeholders. The purpose of the Call to Action was to address long-standing racism that people of African/African Ancestry continue to experience within Santa Clara County. Much of this has been detailed and published in a Countywide African/African Ancestry Health Assessment Research Project in 2014. 


BLKC Initiatives

Health Study

A demographic study of this county’s African American community has paved the way for our new health center.

Education Study

Future studies will be: economic development, social services, criminal justice, technology and cultural.

Village Study

Virtual Village will connect local organizations with the community members they serve.

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Watch our most recent recap of our African/African Ancestry Health & Heritage Month Celebration

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Watch our Video Report on our recent education Study


FREE and Low Cost Legal Services for Entrepreneurs.

4th Graders: COVID-19 Black wants to hear from YOU!

Job Announcement:
Debuty County Executive.

Job Announcement:
Bill Wilson Center is Seeking a Policy Aide.


BLKC works in partnership with local organizations and individuals to advocate for the rights and well-being of our African/African Ancestry community. The BLKC continues to provide direct advocacy and strategies to issues of discrimination in all areas of life in Silicon Valley. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about partnering with us to help advocate on an issue that impacts you and the greater African Ancestry Community